Lieuwe (Leo) van Aitzema

Lieuwe (Leo) van Aitzema (19 November 1600, in Dokkum, in the Province of Friesland – 23 February 1669) was a Dutch historian, diplomat, and secret agent. He studied at the local University of Franeker and graduated from the University of Orleans in France. In 1617, he published a volume of original poetry (in Latin), entitled […]

Cornelis van Bynkershoek

Cornelis van Bynkershoek, (born May 29, 1673, Middelburg, Zeeland, Neth.—died April 16, 1743, The Hague), Dutch jurist who helped develop international law along positivist lines. Bynkershoek studied law at Franeker University and was admitted to the bar at The Hague. He was a member (1703) then president (172) of the Supreme Court (Hoge Raad) of Holland and Zealand – […]

Jean-Nicolas-Sébastien (Johannes Nicolaas Sebastiaan) Allamand

Jean-Nicolas-Sébastien Allamand ((in Dutch) Johannes Nicolaas Sebastiaan Allamand) (18 October 1716, or, according to others 18 September 1713 – 2 March 1787) was a Swiss-Dutch natural philosopher. He was born in Lausanne. At first he specialized in theology, and subsequently he came to the Netherlands, where he practised mathematics, physics, chemistry, and natural history, in […]

De Vrije Fries 2011, number 91

De Vrije Fries 2011 about the University of Franeker BlogAdd commentsJul042012  The new issue of De Vrije Fries, number 91 of 2011, is about the rise and fall of the University of Franeker (1585-1811) .In 2011, exhibitions were held in Museum Martena in Franeker (with many professor portraits) and in Tresoar (with a reconstructed library from the early 17th century). I visited both and […]

René Descartes and the Franeker Dutch connexion

We think of René Descartes as a French philosopher given that he was born in La Haye, France. Descartes, however, felt most at home among the Dutch. In 1618 he joined the army of the Dutch commander, Maurice of Nassau and even long after leaving the military, he chose to reside in the United Provinces […]

The lost books of Franeker University

Cold Case 4: The stolen books of the Franeker University Klicken Sie hier für die deutsche Fassung What is Cold Case Tresoar?Tresoar owns a fine collection of unsolved mysteries, or ‘cold cases’. Missing persons, unsolved murders, or even cryptography that was never deciphered… Time to get to the bottom of things.That’s why Tresoar instated its […]