19th Century legacy

The amazing work of the university, which spanned more than three centuries, continued through its alumni and successors.

Sadly, the university was disbanded by Napoleon in 1811, along with the Universities of Harderwijk and Utrecht.

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Unlike Utrecht, Franeker and Harderwijk did not get their university back. As compensation, an Athenaeum illustre was established in 1815 , but that institution did not last long, in part because it was not authorized to confer doctoral degrees.

By royal decree of 25 February 1843, the Rijksatheneum in Franeker was finally abolished.

The library of the former University and Academy was transferred to the Province of Frieslandand thus formed the basic collection of the Provincial Library of Friesland , founded in 1852. [6]

Occasionally, academic promotions take place in Franeker : PhD students from the University of Groningen who defend their thesis on a topic that is related to Friesland or who have a connection with Friesland, may defend their thesis in the Franeker Martini Church.

21st Century legacy and revival

Today, the academic legacy of the university also continues and has been revived through the Academie van Franeker and the Euler-Franeker Memorial University.

Academie van Franeker

In 2017, the Municipality of Franekeradeel, the Campus Fryslân of the University of Groningen, the Protestant Municipality of Franeker and the Foundation for the Management of Diaconal Goods Franeker (as owner of the Botniastins) came together in the joint ambition to reopen the Franeker Academy and on October 5 Signed a declaration of intent to revive the Academy.

Under the leadership of Prof. Jouke de Vries and then mayor Eduard van Zuijlen, a team of enthusiastic unpaid professionals got off to a good start, which resulted in the establishment of the Franeker Academy Foundation on March 13, 2018, complete with a seven-member board. This revived academy wished to focus on four domains:

Letter & Spirit | Law & Environment | People & Health | Nature & Technology

Visitors to this site are encouraged to become supporters of the Academie van Franeker to help make this vision a reality.

Euler-Franeker Memorial University

Much farther geographically but still within the wide borders of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Euler-Franeker Memorial University charter was approved, with a vision to revive the memory, legacy, and unique features of the venerable university. It is hoped that these two institutions will fine constitutive ways to cooperate as both are quite different and complementary.

Franeker Universiteit

Cornelis van Bynkershoek

Cornelis van Bynkershoek, (born May 29, 1673, Middelburg, Zeeland, Neth.—died April 16, 1743, The Hague), Dutch jurist who helped develop international law along positivist lines. Bynkershoek studied law at

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