De Vrije Fries 2011, number 91

De Vrije Fries 2011 about the University of Franeker

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The new issue of De Vrije Fries, number 91 of 2011, is about the rise and fall of the University of Franeker (1585-1811) .
In 2011, exhibitions were held in Museum Martena in Franeker (with many professor portraits) and in Tresoar (with a reconstructed library from the early 17th century). I visited both and I must say that they were very interesting.
A conference entitled ‘ Lost but not forgotten’ was also organized in collaboration with the University of Groningen and the Fryske Akademy . The lectures of that day are largely included in this edition, supplemented with a few individual articles.
As the editors in the preface indicate, the abolition in 1811 was an almost tragic inevitability.
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The table of contents of De Vrije Fries 2011, number 91 :
– Education and science in the French era, Wijnand Mijnhardt
– Enlightened clearing in Europe? The academic restructuring around the Revolution
Time and its consequences, Willem Frijhoff – Declining student numbers and the demise of the Franeker academy, Pieter Caljé
– Poor Franeker. Adriaan Gilles Camper and the failure of the lobby to the Franeker University, Klaas van Berkel
– Fries with the Frisians. Prof. JW de Crane (1758-1842) and his adopted home city, Philippus Breuker
– A second rank establishment. The Reich Athenaeum in Franeker (1815-1843), E. Wybenga-Van Aken
– Two centuries with, two centuries without. The Franeker University before and after 1811, Goffe Jensma
– School performance Fryslan. The influence of the lack of a university in Fryslan on school performance, Hester de Boer
– An overview of the learning in Friesland in the year 1807, Philippus Breuker
– Annual report Royal Frisian Society for 2010.

Franeker Universiteit

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