The University of Franeker, or Franeker University (Universiteit van Franeker) was for several centuries a leading European institution of higher learning seated in the ancient city of Franeker (province of Friesland in the Netherlands). Established in 1585, it was considered a Christian university and produced a number of distinguished alumni, including William IV, Prince of Orange.

This website presents official and authoritative about this venerable Dutch university and its  intellectual legacy, which continues to this day via two institutions: (1) Academie van Franeker (2) The Euler-Franeker Memorial University.


Cornelis van Bynkershoek

Cornelis van Bynkershoek, (born May 29, 1673, Middelburg, Zeeland, Neth.—died April 16, 1743, The Hague), Dutch jurist who helped develop international law along positivist lines. Bynkershoek studied law at

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